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Software engineering

Product & UI


Wikimedia Foundation

The non-profit responsible for maintaining Wikipedia and related projects.

Senior UX engineer - Web team

Implemented a redesign of Wikipedia, developed multiple prototyping solutions that assisted design research and improved end-user adoption, helped adopt Vue.js, wrote maintainable front-end code that scales to billions of daily page-views, lead the technical implementation of features within the redesign project and engaged team building through hiring, mentoring and onboarding efforts.

Notable projects

  • Desktop Improvements Project - The first Wikipedia redesign in over a decade. Implemented new designs that improved the reading experience for a global audience. Worked to ensure the highest quality maintainable code, taking into account semantics, accessibility, performance, i18n, and progressive enhancement.

  • Wikipedia mobile - The m.wikipedia.org site. Added features and maintained the mobile version of Wikipedia, which focuses on performance and simplicity. Added tools and features to enable editing Wikipedia on mobile devices.

  • Wikipedia Popups extension - The tooltips on Wikipedia links. Implemented a Storybook.js instance to help provide a predictable development environment for a broad range of test-cases for this feature.

UX engineer - Discovery team

  • www.wikipedia.org - Modernized and maintain the www.wikipedia.org page – the most multi-lingual page on the internet, displaying over 300 languages at once. Introducing version control and a build step to modernize the codebase, and built new search functionality that increased engagement on the page.

Stack: MediaWiki Vue.js Redux.js vanilla JS Less.css mustache.js PHP Storybook.js

Peerio Technologies

A Montreal-based startup building a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted mobile chat app.

Web Application Developer

Focused on improving the apps sign-up process which included an explanation of public/private key encryption to end-users.

Stack: React.js Apache Cordova Javascript cryptography

Blue State Digital

A digital marketing agency helping progressive organizations and political parties fund raise and build their online presence.

Contract front-end developer

Worked on producing Drupal-based websites for clients such as the UK Labour Party and the World Economic Forum.

Stack: Drupal jQuery Sass

Algrin technologies

A Toronto-based start-up building scheduling products for service-sector businesses.

UX Designer

Designed and built the front-end of a web-based calendaring & scheduling system for shift-based employees.

Stack: Angular.js jQuery Ruby on Rails

Smith Roberts Creative Communications

An award-winning Toronto based advertising agency, serving local & national clients.

Jr. Art Director

Produced print and web advertising campaigns for a series of local clients, ranging from art galleries, colleges, and even churches.

Stack: pen paper clever ideas


Ontario College of Art and Design

Bachelor of Design - Advertising and Art Direction

  • 2008 - Internship: Mobile Digital Commons Network Conference.
  • 2008 - Award: Art Directors Club of Canada - Gold 🏅 (Student category)
  • 2007 - Award: Marketing Magazine - Silver 🥈 (Student category)